Dr. Richard Stockwell
Dr Stockwell is a board certified Osteopathic physician who specializes in the field of proctology.  He performs advanced office and minor anorectal surgical procedures with an emphasis on prevention and the maintainence of optimal anorectal and pelvic floor health.

Advanced Proctologic Procedures and Specialized Training

With his state of the art technology and advanced skill, his goal is the avoidance of surgery through both painless and minimally invasive  hemorrhoid procedures.  He utilizes the most advanced techniques in the outpatient surgical setting that allow for a quicker recovery time and fewer complications when compared to traditional hemorrhoid surgery.  Maine Proctology Center’s  Anorectal Physiology Lab is Maine’s first and only complete lab in the state that uses state of the art diagnostic equipment to diagnose and treat anorectal disorders of the pelvic floor.   Patients are engaged in a program that is specifically designed  to treat their bowel problems.  With the addition of 3-D ultrasound precise localization of defects or problems are diagnosed. Dr. Stockwell completed his residency training at Michigan State University and Regional General in Michigan.  He was then named the Director of Medical Education at the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine and maintained a clinical practice while teaching residents office procedures.  Shortly thereafter, he was named Maine’s Young Osteopathic Physician of the Year.  He started his private proctologic practice in 2005 and maintains 2 office locations in Greater Portland and Southern Maine.

He resides in Kennebunkport, ME with his wife and 2 daughters.